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Records welcomed for the Butterfly Atlas, Aquitaine France, coordinated by the CEN Aquitaine.

The Aquitaine comprises 5 departments: the Dordogne, Lot and Garonne, Pyrénées-Atlantique, Landes and the Gironde. Further to the request posted in March 2016 asking for assistance with records for the pre-atlas of the Aquitaine for the CEN Aquitaine, the pre-atlas has subsequently been published, and can be downloaded here

The pre-atlas contains a summary of the distribution, and monographs, of the 156 butterfly and 28 Zygaena species known in the Aquitaine, covering the period 1995 - 2015. The pre-atlas comprises over 190,000 records, and will serve as a working tool towards the production of the Atlas. The Atlas is being developed in collaboration with the LPO Aquitaine and is due to be published in 2019. Authors, V. Couanon (LPO), E. Drouet (GIRAZ), P.Y. Gourvil (CEN Aquitaine), M. Sannier (LPO), D. Simpson (EIG Dordogne), D. Soulet (CEN Aquitaine), I. Van Halder.

Our colleague David Soulet, CEN Aquitaine, welcomes EIG participation with surveys and is available to discuss regional survey proposals with members. Please contact David. Email:  d.soulet(AT)cen-aquitaine.fr

In the meantime, please send records, using the EIG recording form, to David d.soulet(AT)cen-aquitaine.fr (project coordinator) and Pierre-Yves Gourvil py.gourvil(AT)cen-aquitaine.fr (project manager)

Request posted November 2016

We have been contacted by our colleague Marie-Cécile Ruiz from the Corsican Environment Office.The OEC-OCIC (the Observatoire for the Insects of Corsica of the Corsican Environmental Office) is working towards a Red List of the Lepidoptera of Corsica.

This comprises all butterflies, and several macro-moth groups. In the initial stages, they are looking for information and records on the distribution of Corsican Lepidoptera, particularly after 2004, in order to centralise existing records.

The records will be rigorously evaluated and used to establish a working list of the distribution of butterflies, population sizes, eventual threats etc. They hope to obtain IUCN status for this list. Please send records to Marie-Cécile using the EIG recording form: Marie-cecile.Ruiz@oec.fr

Request posted February 2016

Call for help from our colleague Claire Mouquet for butterfly records for Normandy, France.

The GRETIA, (Groupe d'Etude des Invertébrés Armoricains) has been working on a synthesis of data on butterflies in Basse-Normandie (Lower Normandy) since 2015, in partnership with the DREAL (Direction regional for the Environment) Lower Normandy. The aim is to collect existing records, to update regional knowledge, review species status, produce a departmental species list, online mapping and a ZNIEFF inventory. (Natural zone of ecological interest, fauna and fauna).

Please send records using the EIG recording form, to c.coubard(AT)gretia.org. Additional information on habitat, geographic location etc. is also welcome.

Please also complete the agreement form to give authorisation that your records may be used.
The form can be scanned and returned by email, see here:     http://gretia.org/dossiers_liens/nosact/donnees_naturalistes/Autorisation.pdf

The records are needed urgently as the first stage of the project is set for 15th April 2016, records are welcomed after this date for this ongoing project.

Request posted March 2016

The Upper Thames Branch is running a project to conserve the White-letter Hairstreak (Satyrium w-album). Many colonies are still being lost as their host trees succumb to Dutch Elm Disease and part of the project is to address this by planting disease resistant elm close to known colonies. One species of elm we are keen to use is European White Elm (Ulmus laevis). The cost of these trees in UK nurseries is high and prevents us planting on a scale we would like.

We are hoping to find a volunteer in France, where I believe it grows widely in lowland areas, who would be kind enough to collect seed from laevis this spring and post it to us for growing in UK.  We would, of course, be happy to reimburse postage costs.

More information on this project can be found on the Upper Thames website, see here:

Please contact Peter Cuss. Email: pj.cuss(at)gmail.com
29 Hilltop Road, Caversham, Reading, Berkshire RG4 7HR

Request posted March 2016

The Association Gard Nature are looking for photographs of endemic species of Corsica, including Euchloe insularis and Papilio hospiton for the 'Guide photographique des Papillons de France'.

Details of the project here:


Please contact Jean-Pierre Dhondt and Jean Laurent Hentz if you are able to assist:

Email: papillons@gard-nature.com

Request posted October 2016

A request from the University of Bern, Switzerland,  Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Insect Migration and Ecology Lab. for Red Admiral sightings.

We have been contacted by Marco Thoma from the University, requesting records for this species, to help with the study of Red Admiral migration across Europe. Records can be submitted via the country portal, details can be found on the link below, e.g. Butterfly Conservation in the UK.

Alternatively by a mobile app such as 'NaturaList', or 'ObsMapp' for Android, or 'iObs' for iPhone.

Read more here:

News Release (PDF)

Request posted April 2017

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